Dairyfine Mini Chocolate Eggs (Aldi)

As many of you may know (well those of us who review snacks as a hobby anyway) Cadbury's Easter products are a bit rubbish now. Creme Eggs no longer use Dairy Milk chocolate (and sales have fallen as a result), sizes have shrunk, vegetable fats have been added, and their Mini Eggs are now a code word for sugar bombs. Nevertheless they're still the gold standard for crunchy coated chocolate mini eggs, they've somehow managed to perfect this Easter treat.

I still keep searching for something better quality though. I've tried the Chicky Choccy Mini Eggs from Marks and Spencer (reviewed by Mrs One Treat here), which were good quality but still lacked the "it" factor that makes Cadbury Mini Eggs so special. So the search has continued, and has led me to Aldi!

These Dairyfine Mini Eggs are one of Aldi's "clones" of famous brands; Dairyfine is clearly supposed to be their version Dairy Milk, so I thought it'd be interesting to see how these compare to Cadbury's mini eggs.

Sadly they're not too great...they're just as sugary sweet as Cadbury mini eggs, but the chocolate lacks the creaminess that makes the Cadbury version tolerable. The crunchy shell just tastes of pure sugar and the chocolate isn't much better... I didn't enjoy these at all to be honest, they're far too sweet and made my teeth hurt.

Sadly, these won't be bothering the Cadbury Mini Egg crown. They're perfectly fine for decorating cupcakes, Easter nests and what have you, but as a treat by themselves they're too sweet. The search for better quality Mini Eggs continues...

6 out of 10.


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