Bounty Spread with Coconut Flakes

This will just be a quick review today of this Bounty Spread with Coconut Flakes...for a more in-depth technical analysis see the Snacks Warriors review.

I saw this on offer along with the Milky Way variety in Tesco for £1.50 recently, and since I haven't been able to try the new Twix Spread as it contains gluten (boo!) I thought I'd drown my snacks sorrows and splurge on this instead. I've always been curious what Bounty in spread form might taste I wish I hadn't!

It just didn't live up to its name to be honest. It's a sickly, milky spread with the addition of a small percentage of coconut flakes. Initially I thought it would be white chocolate, but no, it's just a milk spread. I don't know why they didn't make it milk chocolate since Bounty bars contain milk chocolate? Puzzling...

Overall, this is a sickly, unhealthy concoction of milky vegetable fat that doesn't do Bounty bars justice....I won't be purchasing again.

5 out of 10.


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