Cadbury Creme Egg Ice Creams (Limited Edition)

I'm not sure what makes the recipe for these limited edition Cadbury Creme egg ice creams "new" exactly as I don't recall having eaten them before...perhaps the inclusion of "goo" is new? I'm not sure but if anyone knows please leave a comment!

Anyway for the sake of keeping up my Easter spirits I thought I'd give these a try when I spotted them for £2 a box in the Co Op recently. You get three individually wrapped ice creams per box, and they look a bit like magnums, but rather misshapen.

There's supposedly extra space on the sides to hold the Creme egg filling, but I think Cadbury's just couldn't be bothered to invest in decent moulds to be honest...they look weird and lumpy:

Not one to let such trivialities stop sugar getting in my mouth, I promptly took a bite, expecting vanilla fondant goodness. But I didn't really get any. Initially all I could taste was the rather plain ice cream, which wasn't very distinctive or flavoursome. The chocolate coating had a faint taste of Cadbury chocolate but was very sweet and non-descript. Eventually, I found some gooey Creme egg fondant, which was nice and sticky in texture and brought a welcome vanilla edge...but overall this ice cream was a bit sweet and one-dimensional.

It's no secret that Creme eggs aren't what they used to be, so it's no surprise that these Creme egg ice creams aren't really upto much either. Don't get me wrong they're not the worst around, but they're not that special...they're just a bit "meh" and don't do the Easter season justice.

We deserve better...anyone for a Hot Cross Bun Ice Cream?!

6 out of 10.


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