Butterkist Hot Cross Bun Flavour Popcorn

Finally, it's here, the elusive new Hot Cross Bun flavour Easter limited edition from Butterkist, hurrah! These are currently available from B&M bargain stores, Home Bargains, and now Aldi too. I saw this in Aldi just the other day for 99p so couldn't resist picking up a bag.

It's described as "popcorn coated with a bun spice flavour toffee" and contains 150g per bag. It certainly smelled very zesty and spicy, with a strong citrusy mixed peel aroma. I've heard mixed things about the taste from other bloggers so I wasn't sure what to expect, but thankfully I'm pleased to say I really enjoyed this popcorn a lot! 

At first I was a bit skeptical. As I scooped out a handful and crunched on it I didn't notice a particularly strong bun spice flavour, but it seems that the flavour hasn't been evenly distributed and some popcorn pieces tasted stronger than others. The thicker toffee coated pieces tasted lovely, very sweet and spicy and to be quite honest, as silly as it sounds I'd say this popcorn really does taste like Easter! The spicy citrusy sweetness works surprisingly well with popcorn, and it's good that it's incorporated into the toffee... I don't think a powdered coating would've worked so well.

Overall, I'm really glad I tried this Easter edition from Butterkist and I think it's great they're trying interesting new flavours like this. This and the new Yogurt Coated variety are both great additions to the popcorn market and ones I'd happily buy regularly. Keep an eye out for this!

8 out of 10.


  1. Phew! I'm so glad you liked it too Kev! It's odd how a popcorn can be reminiscent of Easter, but it is and it works :)

  2. I actually enjoyed the bottom half of the bag a lot more than the top! Pity my review was only based on the top section... Overall pretty good product

  3. Picked up three bags today ūüėć

  4. I got them from b&m too. The first one I ate was overwhelming cinnamon and I thought errgh - but then it they grew on me. not sure I'd buy them again but were fun to try. I remembered why I don't buy sweet popcorn like this and that's because it is just a one way ticket to the dentist the way it gets stuck in my teeth and impossible to get out of my teeth with out some kind of industrial strength motor powered tooth brush!


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