Cadbury Dairy Milk Medley Raspberry, Hazelnut & Dark Choc Chips

Recently, Cadbury added a bunch of new products to their Dairy Milk range as they do so often these days...things must be tough in old Cadburyland with the need to bring out so many new bars constantly! 

They're recycling the Milka range that Mondelez already produce in Europe, and right now you can buy Cadbury Dairy Milk Big Taste bars at Sainsbury's - check out my snacks pal Reaching For Refreshment aka The Snacks Warrior's review of them. 

They're also doing these new Medley bars, which are known as Milka Collage in Europe. They're supposed to be a more "luxury" bar aimed at women of a certain age, because presumably only a woman of a certain age would buy a bar of the sloppily presented chocolate you see below?! 

I kid, of wasn't too bad, to be honest. In fact opening the wrapper I was surprised by the nice tangy smell from the dried raspberries. As a fan of tarter fruit flavours I was looking forward to this flavour combo!

The raspberries are embedded in the softer chocolate filling along with some dark chocolate chips and chopped caramelized hazelnuts to make the "medley", although all I could taste was the raspberries...they overpower everything in the bar!

On first bite I rather enjoyed the was very sweet and fruity, but strangely lacking any creamy chocolatey-ness. Infact I couldn't taste much chocolate at all, presumably because the bar is mostly made up of vegetable fat and sugar! They've tried to take the same idea as Lindor truffles and put it in bar form but ended up with something much just doesn't work with Cadbury's chocolate, it's far too sweet. It's like eating icecube trays filled with fat and dried raspberry bits. Not very posh or sophisticated at all! The hazelnuts added a bit of crunch but didn't taste particularly "hazelnutty", whilst the dark choc chips weren't really detectable at all. 

Come on Cadbury, you can do better than this! I know cocoa prices are increasing and you need to cut costs, but fobbing us off with extra vegetable fat-filled new-fangled faux-luxury products is not going to cut the mustard with the public! Just give us something that's genuinely better quality and charge more for it or at least stop degrading the quality, because I really can't see products like this lasting...

Overall this is a nice try, and not as awful as I expected, but it could be much better.

7 out of 10.

What did you think of these Dairy Milk Medley bars? Let me know in the comments! 


  1. I'm a woman of a certain age and I don't want to buy any more Cadbury bars. K, thanks, bye! xx

    1. You're not old enough or set in your ways enough yet to keep buying any rubbish Cadbury put out...

    2. I like to call it just not being a mug. Haha! xx

  2. I tried the other version with biscuit pieces and fudge and my thoughts were exactly that of ...its like eating vegetable fat in an ice cube tray. Yack. I wish they would up the quality of their chocolate, I'd be more than happy to pay more if it was better quality than pay less and buy something that's inferior.

  3. it is kind of sloppy though. I bought the other variety and it was similar, it's just badly distributed. I did think it tasted weird, good to know it's not just my taste buds giving up and they've actually screwed up the chocolate


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