Meine Milka: Milchcreme & Honig (Milk Cream and Honey) Bar Review

meine milka milchcreme and honig

Whilst browsing Farm Foods (of all places!) recently I came across this bar of "Meine Milka - Milchcreme and Honig". It's described as "NEU - nur fur kurze zeit", which roughly translates from German as "New, only for a limited time". I'm not sure if it's old stock from last year or intended for this year in the German market but was still a good 5 months in date, and for only 50p I really couldn't say no!

meine milka milchcreme and honig

The filling is of course milk cream and honey, and on opening the wrapper I was met with a strong sweet honey aroma. The chocolate had a distinctive "European" smell with a slight hint of hazelnut.

meine milka milchcreme and honig

Cutting it in half revealed the cream centre with a portion of honey on top of each block. It was quite sticky and more of a sauce rather than real honey - presumably it'd been mixed with some kind of sugar syrup.

Taste-wise the bar was very lovely - extremely creamy and sweet thanks to the layer of milk cream, and with a strong sweet honey flavour from the honey filling. The chocolate was standard Milka chocolate; very creamy and with a slight flavour of hazelnut.

Overall, this is a nice curiosity and definitely worth a try if you have a Farm Foods nearby, but it's not worth going out of your way for.

RATING: 7 out of 10. 


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