Haribo Pandas Review

Today's review is just a quick one as I've had these Haribo Pandas in the snacks archive for quite a while now... but from what I can remember they were delicious! I first bought them from Asda last year.

They're basically cute panda-shaped gummy sweets that are vanilla and blueberry flavoured. This is quite the unique flavour combination and I wasn't all that sure it would work that well to be honest!

It certainly did work though; they were very tasty, and I became seriously hooked on them for a while when they were available. The blueberry and vanilla flavours go together perfectly and make them somehow even more moreish than regular gummy sweets. I had to be careful not to eat a whole bag in one go!

Unfortunately I haven't seen these in shops for a while now, I'm not sure if they've been discontinued from the UK market or if anywhere still sells them. If anyone's seen them please let me know in the comments!

RATING: 8.5 out of 10.


  1. How cute are these! They sound nice, shame about them being discontinued though :(

  2. Poundland shops have them in

  3. Just got these in Asda, might be leftover stock or maybe they weren't discontinued after all. They're nothing special sadly, nice flavour but the texture is horrible. They're far too hard.

  4. hi i got these in asda today, they are DANGEROUS and make you VERY high

  5. I bought some of these in Vienna at the weekend, never seen them here though!

  6. I've just bought some in asda too :). Very nice although not what I was expecting because the writing is Chinese. I expected them to be liquorish for some reason but these were a lovely surprise! Wish I'd got more!

  7. They're available in some Asda stores again and also on amazon

  8. Solid review kev, will certainly be giving these an honest go. Keep up the good work!


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