Get Fruity Oat Bars - Strawberry, Mixed Berry & Apricot Review

Today's review is thanks to a new company called Get Fruity who are aiming to revolutionize the cereal bar market with their all-natural bars filled with fruit, wholegrain oats and coconut oil. I was thrilled when they offered to send me some to review as I'm always trying to do the right thing and eat healthier, despite my chocolate obsession! All natural foods are becoming quite the trend recently, with coconut oil especially taking off in a big way so it's perfect timing for such a cereal bar.

Below are my thoughts on each flavour...

Apricot, Orange & Ginger:

When I opened the wrapper for this I wasn't quite expecting the bright orange bar that revealed itself - it was very orange, almost like the David Dickinson of cereal bars! I knew these were made with real fruit, but I never expected anything quite like this...

Texture-wise it was very chewy; the oats are ground rather than whole which made for a welcome change to regular cereal bars. It isn't like a crunchy cereal bar but is more dense and moist. The apricot is very refreshing and complimented nicely by the orange and ginger flavours. Overall it felt far more healthy and refreshing than the average cereal bar. 8 out of 10.

Scrumptious Strawberry:

Like the apricot bar this was also strongly coloured, this time with a strong deep red. On opening the wrapper it had a delicious strawberry aroma.

Like the apricot bar it was very chewy and bursting with fruit. It had a deep and comforting strawberry flavour which I just loved - strawberries are one of my favourite fruits, and together with the oats I thought it was the perfect combination! Very moreish indeed. 9 out of 10.

Moist Mixed Berry:

Last but not least is the "Moist mixed berry" flavour, with its strong dark purple colour and berry aroma.

This one is infused with cranberries, blackcurrants and blackberry juice and is just as tasty as the other flavours. It's slightly tangy thanks to the cranberries, which I personally loved as I'm a major fan of cranberries! 8 out of 10.

Well I have to say I'm very impressed with Get Fruity bars, they're very different to other cereal bars out there and taste a lot more refreshing and of course fruity than most! If you like moist and chewy cereal bars that are also healthy then these are for you.

More info: Get Fruity Bars have no artificial colours or flavours and contain only naturally occurring sugars from fruit, plus they're low in salt and suitable for vegans.

These bars are only available from Get Fruity's Website currently, but I would expect they'll be available from most good health food stores and supermarkets before long!

*Product sent for an honest review.


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