Alibi Max (Lion Bar imitation) & Góralki Coconut Wafer

Once again thank you to Bring Back Banjo for sending me these chocolate bars as part of a snacks package recently! Most of them are wafer-based, but of course none hold a candle to the awesome Banjo Wafer Bar last seen in the 80's... so please do sign the Bring Back Banjo Petition as well as Like Bring Back Banjo on Facebook :)

The first bar we have is the Alibi Max which is basically a Lion Bar imitation. I've seen these in the Polish section of Tesco and I believe they come in different flavours. This one is the regular variety, and splitting it open revealed a familiar looking interior that looked very much like a Lion bar:

It tasted pretty good, with a decent thick milk chocolate coating, chewy caramel and crunchy wafer, but it wasn't quite as good as a real Lion bar. It was still pretty tasty though and as an imitation Lion it does what it's supposed to. These are also available in a coconut version, and according to Tesco Online they're on special offer at 3 for £1 at the moment! If anyone tries one please let me know in the comments!

RATING: 7 out of 10.

Góralki Kokosowe (Coconut) Wafer:

Next we have this Polish Góralki coconut wafer, and being a fan of all things coconut I couldn't wait to get stuck in! Opening the wrapper revealed a thick square of wafer filled with coconut cream, thinly coated with milk chocolate on the sides. It had a very strong and delicious coconut aroma.

It tasted lovely - very light and crunchy, with a delightful creamy coconut flavour from the filling. I ate it with a cup of coffee which it went perfectly with. Overall what can I say... this is a lovely wafer bar!

RATING: 8 out of 10. 

Once again a big thank you to Bring Back Banjo for sending me a question to my readers: why are wafers so popular in Poland? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments! :)


  1. If you only have a chance, try these products - you won't regret it at all :) The best polish sweets ever !

    1. Thankyou :) I've tried a few of those, love the Princessa bar! Still need to try Kasztanki. I reviewed the white chocolate Michaszki before I think.

    2. If you love all things coconut, you need to try the coconut version of my fave Polish biscuits (very popular with my relatives in Poland and with my family and friends here in the UK) - namely Jeżyki (hedgehogs - the look, not the taste. ;) )
      Here's a pic of the coconut packaging:,14171,0_Ciastka-jezyki-z-kokosem.html

      You can sometimes get them in Tescos in mini snack bars, but a full packet is the way to enjoy them - probably easiest to find at your local Polish shop, etc. I picked up a few other flavours on holiday last year, cherry, advocat and another. But the regular (fruit and nut) and coconut varieties are the best! :)

      Will have to get my mum to look out for this wafer bar, she usually buys prince polo and princessa as those are her favourites from childhood, but she got me some chałwa on her last shopping outing, yummo!

    3. Yeah, you reviewed Michaszki but Michałki are their 100000 times better versions. In Poland it is hard to find a person who doesn't love them :)

  2. WOW! Alibi bar! That's... hmmm... i don't have words to describe my feelings right now. Late '80s and yearly '90s. Memories. Thanks a lot for this post/ photos! :)

    Kasztanki are very good. I like them a lot.

    PS. Don't buy Michałki like that:,Czekolada-Micha%C5%82ki-Bia%C5%82e-Wawel.html - it's horrible, disgusting. Only pralines! :)

    Michałki (Michaszki also) are served at many flavors by few companies. The best (imho) are classic:
    1. - Wawel
    2.,8,czekoladki,22,michaszki.html - Mieszko




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