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baked kitkat

Welcome to the first edition of Kev's Snacks News! I'm always scouring snacks websites for cool new snacks so thought it about time I did my own News Roundup!

Baked Kitkat from Japan!
nestle japan baked kitkat
Kitkat you can bake!
The big snacks news this week was of course the launch of the world's first Baked Kitkat by Nestlé Japan. It was created by Japanese chocolatier Takagi and can be eaten as a bar, or oven-baked in just 2 minutes (try outdo that, Aunt Bessie!). Once baked it becomes "like a crispy cookie", and is available in original chocolate and mini pudding varieties.

Unfortunately, it won't be available in the UK and I wouldn't recommend trying to replicate it by putting a regular Kitkat in the oven! Would you like to try a Baked Kitkat? Let me know in the comments!

Nestlé to launch Peanut Lion Bar in the UK!
The Peanut Lion Bar has been available in Polish stores for ages (see a review here by The Snack Review) but now Nestlé will officially launch it in the UK from March 31st. It's available from convenience stores only and costs 41p - considerably cheaper than most chocolate bars! As much as I welcome this news I think it's a shame they haven't introduced the awesome White Chocolate Lion bar too! Luckily it's often available from discount stores such as Home Bargains, or online from Candy Hero.

Peanut Lion was also briefly available in the late 90's with a blue wrapper...anyone else remember it? (credit:

New Chocolate Blocks from Thorntons!

Whilst in Thorntons recently I couldn't help but notice some new varieties in their recently revamped chocolate blocks range. Amongst them were the lovely sounding Eton Mess White Chocolate, Caramel Cheesecake, Fudge Brownie, Bakewell Tart, Orange Crisp and Espresso Dark Chocolate blocks. Check out the full range here!

OOb Popping Pearls "bubble" drinks to launch in the UK:

OOb fruit drinks are inspired by the recent "bubble tea" trend and will be the first ready-to-go pearl tea drink to launch in the UK. They're available in apple green tea & lychee pearls, cranberry green tea & acai pearls, and mango green tea & acerola pearls. The pearls are nestled in the bottom of the bottle. Each custom-made bottle comes with an indented telescopic straw "to enable consumers to harness the nutrients in the ingredients without the need for preservatives".

Ben & Jerry's Toffee Apple YUM-ble - "My Core Flavour" Winner!
Credit: Exeter Express
Ben & Jerry's UK recently asked their fans to create a unique flavour combination for a new Core variety, and the winner was Toffee Apple YUM-ble! Created by Exeter teacher Meryl Logan, this flavour is made up of apple and custard ice cream, separated by a dreamy caramel core, with crumbly chunks. I can't wait to see it in shops!

New "luxury" King Choco Mikado Sticks:

According to The Grocer Mondelez are launching a new luxury variety of their Mikado biscuit sticks, which are chocolate coated and infused with hazelnut flavour, then coated with an extra milk chocolate swirl. Available from April.

New Lindt Excellence Cherry Intense:

Lindt are launching a new "Cherry Intense" dark chocolate bar in their Excellence range, which should be available in shops very soon. I'm already a fan of their Excellence Strawberry Intense so can't wait to try this!

New Paleo Snack bars for the UK:

The Paleo Diet is one of the big new diet trends, so it seems fitting that Primal Kitchen are launching these healthy "Primal Kitchen Bars" in the UK. They're handmade and cold-pressed, and are free of sugar, dairy, gluten, refined grains and vegetable oils. The varieties are Coconut & Macadamia, Almond & Cashew and Brazil Nut & Cherry. Available from The Primal Kitchen UK.

Nestlé Rowntree's Tangy Tots:
No pic for these I'm afraid...I just happened to spot them in the children's sweets section of Tesco recently. They only seem to be available in an 8-pack according to

Well, that's it for today's Kev's Snacks News - hope you've enjoyed reading! Let me know in the comments which of these products you'd like to try...


  1. Do we know when the new ice cream launches it sounds great

    1. Sorry no idea...they say on their website it's due soon.

  2. Ooh the Thorntons flavours look good - I've had the bakewell tart before as a limited edition.

    The Ben & Jerry's is intriguing too. I love the idea of custard in an ice cream!

  3. I cannot wait for that ben n jerrys flavour to hit stores. .ever since I heard it won ive been checking! ! Will be picking up that caramel cheesecake block from thorntons most likely! Sounds yummy!

  4. That baked KitKat sounds interesting:) Made me laugh about Aunt Bessie :D

  5. KitKat looks amazing. White chocolate with baked cake... delicious! Why Japan is so far away... I have to make/ bake? ;) it in my kitchen!

  6. did that ben and jerry's ever make it to the shops?!

    1. Unfortunately not, it turned out that it was only for the competition winner :(


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