Alpia Edel-Marzipan

We're at that time of year when marzipan seems to be popping up in every shop, so I thought I'd review this Alpia marzipan bar I found in Home Bargains. I'm more curious about the brand itself than the marzipan, because, well, what can you say about marzipan? Most of it tastes the same unless it's the good quality stuff from the likes of Niederegger.

So I'm not sure what to say about this Alpia marzipan bar other than it tasted "nice". Nothing amazing, nothing awful, just nice. It had a basic 50% cocoa dark chocolate shell with a standard marzipan filling inside. At 39p for 100g, it's certainly nothing to be sniffed at.

I google-translated "edel-marzipan" and apparently it means "noble marzipan". I'm not sure what that's supposed to mean. Is this is a wise variety of marzipan that looks down on all other marzipan? Is this marzipan fit for royalty? Your guess is as good as mine.

Alpia is a German brand and I'm curious to know more about the company. Have you tried any of their products before? If so what did you think?


  1. A bargain! I've not tried an Alpia products, I have never heard of them. I think the only marzipan I have ever tried was those little fruits you can get or on a Battenberg. I think I would like this bar, I reckon marzipan and chocolate would be a good combo!

    1. Marzipan+choc is definitely a good combo :) There's just something so addictive about it.


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