Marks and Spencer White Chocolate Fudge Sauce

When I heard about this new product from Marks & Spencer on Twitter I knew I had to seek it out. I've always had a sweet tooth and enjoy white chocolate when it's of a decent quality.

I can say that if you have a sweet tooth then you will LOVE this! It's a lot creamier than I expected, and is extremely rich as it contains double cream as well as white chocolate. You're supposed to heat the sauce for 15 seconds in the microwave, but I scooped it straight from the jar and ate it as it was - I'm sure Nigella would approve!

This would probably be great poured over puddings or icecream (as it's meant to be), although I haven't tried either yet.

There's also a salted caramel version which I'm hoping to try at some point, as well as chocolate truffle. They're £2.99 a jar which sure ain't cheap, but then this is M&S quality we're talking about...

I would recommend this if you have a sweet tooth or if you're a white chocolate lover, but otherwise you might want to try try the chocolate truffle or salted caramel sauces instead.

Have you tried any of these M&S sauces? If so what did you think?


  1. I haven't tried any of these sauces yet but they do look delicious. I wasn't sure what to do with them but scooping straight out of the jar sounds good!

    1. If in doubt have it with Nutella on toast...that it my motto!

      I bet this is awesome with ice cream as Kev has suggested, or on cakes!

  2. holy sh*t. i HAVE to try this stuff! do you know if this is only a temporary product though, please tell me it's on the shelves to stay!?

    1. Hi, I'm not sure if it's temporary, it didn't say limited edition on it so I presume it's still on shelves :) I've seen it a few times whilst in M&S. Usually in the jams and spreads section.

  3. This sauce is lovely on pop corn

  4. I saw these today, and the chocolate truffle one especially had such minimal ingredients I was surprised! I would looooooovvvvvve to try, and I think i'd take your approach of eating it neat!
    "I'm sure Nigella would approve" - brilliant :')


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