Lindt Blueberry and Lavender Edelbitter Mousse Review

I recently ordered this bar of "Lindt Edelbitter Mousse Blueberry & Lavender" from ebay, as I fancied trying something a little new. I'm tired of the uninspired chocolate combinations we get in the UK so this was right up my street. And surprisingly it didn't taste as unusual as you might expect.

The dark chocolate was very rich (70% cocoa) and gave a nice chocolatey hit, but it was the blueberry filling that really brought this bar to life. It was fruity and sweet but not overly so. The lavender was more of a faint background taste, which gave the blueberry a pleasant floral flavour. It was a lot nicer than I expected. The mousse component didn't really bring much to the bar, it was a bit too firm and tasted too similar to the chocolate coating.

There's more varieties in the "Edelbitter Mousse" range such as Cranberry and Mango, which I would love to try some day, but I'm not sure I'd pay the high import prices again any time soon. I wish Lindt would sell them here in the UK.

Overall, a very tasty and unique chocolate bar.


  1. Blueberry and lavender sounds interesting but the cranberry and mango flavour sounds amazing, I may have to give that a go at some point. Great find!

    1. They don't make cranberry and mango together, just a solo cranberry version and a solo mango version (I think it's "hot mango" or something like that). Sorry for not making that clear. They cost around 8 pound each with delivery from ebay, so probably only something to try as a one-off! :)

    2. Ah OK, well they both still sound good but agree £8 is pretty pricey!

  2. I was a little afraid to try this one, but I have tried and enjoyed the cranberry and the orange bars (yup, there's an orange one as well). As far as I know, there are at least two more bars in this range: strawberry and hot cherry.

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  4. Hello! Where did you find this? I have been looking for Lindt Hot Mango and Lindt Hot Papaya since 2009!


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