Milka Zartherb Santa

"Sssh!" says Santa
There're been a lot of chocolate santas appearing in discount stores lately; I've seen the white chocolate Boci one I reviewed a while ago, some popping candy ones, and this Milka Zartherb (bittersweet) chocolate santa. I was a bit confused what zartherb meant at first, I presumed it was the equivalent of "plain" chocolate we get here in the UK. But it's actually a darker version of milk chocolate, with 45% cocoa solids.

Santa strips off...
Compared to the Boci Santa, this Milka Santa is delicious. The chocolate has that distinctive creamy Milka taste, but is a lot richer than usual, giving it more flavour depth. I much prefer this rich type of milk chocolate over lower cocoa chocolates like Dairy Milk. It's by no means the best ever but for £1 it's a pretty good bargain.

Santa got smashed. Well, it is Christmas!
Overall, a very delicious bittersweet chocolate santa which I would happily recommend. Have you tried any chocolate santas yet this year? If so which were your favourite?


  1. What a great find! You've discovered some fab Santa bargains recently!

    The only chocolate Santa I have bought this year is the Aldi one, but I haven't tried it yet.

    1. How much was it? Aldi do some very good quality stuff so I bet it'll be tasty :)

  2. With other chocolates, zartherb usually means it's dark chocolate. With Milka, it's a higher cocoa content milk chocolate. Milka don't have any real dark chocolate products (would probably go against their name to have chocolates that don't contain milk).

    This is my favourite Milka Santa. It's made out of my favourite Milka chocolate. I'm not a fan of their regular milk chocolate, but I think the higher cocoa content one is really nice.

    I haven't tried any Santas this year. In fact, I don't even think I've tried many true Christmas products this year. Just the Gubor snowman, the Ritter Sport Christmas bars, some of those cheap chocolates that usually get hanged in the Christmas tree, some festive Christmas ice cream treats and that's all. I still have two more Christmas bars to try and that's all.


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