Frey Chocobloc Air

A big thankyou to Katherine from Grocery Gems who kindly sent me this Frey Chocobloc Air recently. Being a fan of the company I was very excited to try it!

This is a very unique chocolate bar, like a cross between an Aero and a Toblerone. The chocolate had a nice familiar "swiss" taste (if you've eaten swiss chocolate before you'll know what I mean) with a strong honey flavour. I felt the honey was a bit overdone to be honest, as it really dominated the chocolate, making it very sweet. The almond nougat pieces gave a nice crunch which contrasted nicely with the soft bubbly chocolate. I love the shape of the bar, it's less "blocky" than Toblerone and breaks off into nice little pieces.

Overall I would say this is a very unique bar, and definitely worth a try if you see it (I believe Katherine found these in a 99p store). It makes a nice change from the norm, and I think it's a great idea from Frey to mix bubbly Aero-style chocolate with what is essentially a Toblerone.

Once again many thanks to Katherine for sending me this!


  1. You're welcome Kev, and thanks for the namecheck!! I know what you mean about the honey and nougat flavours, it is very sweet. It's quite a small bar too, in my 99p store you get six bars for 99p!

    I love the shape of these Chocobloc bars, I hope Frey bring more to the UK soon.

    Katherine :)

    1. You're welcome Katherine :) Wow, 6 for a pound is an excellent deal! I'm hoping the orange Chocobloc might make an appearance in the UK sometime, fingers crossed.


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