Whitworths Full Of Super Cacao Maca-roons

whitworths full of super macaroons

There's been a lot of new #cleaneating products on shelves recently, from the likes of Nakd, The Primal Pantry and many more...but one new kid on the block is Whitworths. They already make a variety of baking products from nuts to dried fruit, but it seems they've branched out into healthier snacks recently.

whitworths full of super macaroons

There's a few different products in their "Full of Super" range, from Flax Crackers, Coconut Bars etc but I went for the chocolatey option; Cacao Maca-Roons. They're made with a mixture of sunflower seeds, flax seeds, cacao, maca, coconut, coconut oil and almonds as well as agave syrup. They're suitable for vegetarians and vegans, as well as being gluten and soy free.

whitworths full of super macaroons

Opening the pack they didn't look like the most appetising of snacks, they're simply lumpy brown balls, what more can I say! They're not even uniformly shaped, which I suppose adds to the "rustic" feel.

whitworths full of super macaroons

They didn't taste all that good to be honest. The agarve syrup has a weird almost bitter flavour that isn't all that pleasant, whilst the bitty coconut and flax seeds aren't great to chew on. On the plus side these are quite filling, so I suppose if you want a healthier snack they deliver on that front.

Overall, I wouldn't personally recommend these as the flavour is just lacking when compared to similar products like Nakd Posh Bits or Primal Pantry Bars. I can't see them lasting on shelves, but who knows the healthy eating trend is all the rage right now so they may just survive.

6.5 out of 10. 


  1. What goes in...must come out!
    Looking the same.

  2. 6.5/10 is generous, really generous unless you like a sick taste in your mouth which is what they do taste like.

  3. I brought some of these in a place called rogers wholesale in Poole Dorset. It's a place where they sell gone past best before so u get them at a fraction of the price. I brought a box of 12 x2 which cost me £4. They taste time the texture is nice there good for you bit feel naughty hence the reason I went and purchased another 7 boxes and I will get more if I get the chance. No complaints here


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