Kettle Chips Baked Camembert & Oak Smoked Garlic

kettle chips camembert and oak smoked garlic

Recently I was sent some of the new Limited Edition Kettle Chips Baked Camembert & Oak Smoked Garlic to review, which is certainly the welcoming sight at the end of a long, cold day! I have to be honest, Camembert is not a cheese I've tried before, so I had no idea what to expect from these. The crisps also came with a Camembert cheese dish, which isn't particularly edible so I won't be reviewing that...I'm sure it will come in handy though!

kettle chips camembert and oak smoked garlic

The crisps have been launched for the Winter season and are the brainchild of Kettle Chips chef Phil Hovey, who says: "I chose this winning combination which has been enjoyed during Winter nights for years - rich and gooey, creamy French Camembert enhanced by the tantalizing depth of oak smoked garlic".

I have to say, I think Phil is right to choose this flavour; these are some delicious crisps! They're pretty full on with a strong yet creamy cheese flavour, and every crisp is generously coated. I couldn't stop eating them once I started. The garlic adds a nice pleasant aftertaste that thankfully doesn't overpower the cheese.

Overall, these are some tasty, great quality crisps - as always from Kettle Chips - and make for a perfect indulgent snack for the Winter months. They'd probably go down quite well with some turkey sandwiches over Christmas!

Nutrition Information (per 100g): 519 Calories, 51.8g Carbohydrates, 30.9g Fat. Suitable for vegetarians. Gluten free.

8.5 out of 10. 


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