Cadbury Dairy Milk Snow Bites Review

cadbury dairy milk snow bites

Following on from my review of Dairy Milk Snow Balls I thought I'd try Dairy Milk Snow Bites next. The interesting thing about these is that they used to be simply called Cadbury Snow Bites, but Mondelez have now branded them as Dairy Milk. I don't know if they've always used Dairy Milk in the recipe, but I guess it doesn't change much since Dairy Milk doesn't taste great these days (we all know you've messed with the recipe, Cadbury!)

cadbury dairy milk snow bites

They're suitable for vegetarians (but not children under the age of 4) and are described as "Solid milk chocolate balls in crisp sugar shells dusted with icing sugar". Mmmmm, more sugar! One day I'm going to be sending my diabetes bill directly to you, Mondelez...

cadbury dairy milk snow bites

Initially I thought they would be the same thing as Cadbury Mini Eggs (and Mondelez actually want them to have the same effect on people as Mini Eggs, according to a press release), however they're quite different - the dusting of icing sugar pushes what was already a sweet sugar-coated chocolate to being even sweeter!

cadbury dairy milk snow bites

They were kind of moreish, but oh so the end they were just too much for me. I didn't really enjoy them much at all to be honest. The icing sugar is too prominent and makes a bit of a mess - The Hand was not best pleased!

cadbury dairy milk snow bites

Overall, not to be a scrooge so early on but these are disappointing. They would be so much nicer if they didn't have the icing sugar on, in fact I don't know why they didn't use white chocolate instead? If you want cheap festive novelty treats this Christmas, I'd stick with Cadbury Dairy Milk Snow Balls or Cadbury Mousse Snowmen instead.

Nutrition Information (per 23g): 112 Calories, 4.9g Fat, 16g Carbohydrates, 15g Sugars, 1.2g Protein. Not stated if gluten free. Suitable for vegetarians.

7 out of 10.

On a side note...who remembers Cadbury Puds? They were out in the 90's and had a truffle and hazelnut filling:

cadburys puds


  1. I loved puds!! I was actually speaking to my friend about them not long ago. They were amazing. No idea why they stopped doing them.

  2. Oh yes those puds were amazing... I think they also did a truffle chunk too ...mmm bring them back!


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