Cadbury Dairy Milk Freddo Faces Dessert

cadbury dairy milk freddo faces dessert

These "limited edition" Freddo Faces desserts have been out for quite some time now, so I'm not sure what makes them so limited, but nevertheless I thought I'd give one a try whilst in my local Tesco express recently.

cadbury dairy milk freddo faces dessert

It's basically like a muller corner, but with chocolate dessert on one side and some Cadbury Freddo faces on the other.

cadbury dairy milk freddo faces dessert

Mixing them in, they looked like frogs that had got stuck in mud! I think pigs would have been a more appropriate shape...maybe Cadbury should create a new product called Piggies? Or Buttys? Just a thought!

cadbury dairy milk freddo faces dessert

The dessert was pretty decent; creamy and chocolatey, whilst the Freddos were quite chunky and didn't really mix well with it to be honest. This is a nice idea on paper but it doesn't quite work so well in practice. I think caramel Freddos would be a better option, although I guess Cadbury don't make caramel Freddo Faces.

Overall, this is a bit of an uninspired dessert and Cadbury's make others that are much better, so I'd stick with those instead.

7 out of 10.


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