Daim Orange Minis Limited Edition

daim orange minis limited edition

Whilst in Poundstretcher recently I couldn't help but notice a plethora of imported chocolates, from the likes of Marabou with Oreo, Marabou with Saltlakrits (Salty Liquorice) and these...Limited Edition Orange flavour Daim Minis. They were £2.99 a bag which I felt was a bit pricey, but I caved in and got them anyway. I had to...they're a limited edition!

daim orange minis limited edition

Mondelez have had a track record for messing up some of our beloved UK products, but thankfully it seems their meddling hasn't extended to their classic Swedish brand Daim (yet!). These bars contain 30% cocoa chocolate, and are described as "smooth orange flavoured milk chocolates with a surprisingly crunchy almond centre". They're suitable for vegetarians and gluten free.

daim orange minis limited edition

They tasted like the offspring of a Terry's Chocolate Orange and a Daim Bar...which is a good thing! The chocolate is pretty much the exact same sweet, orangey flavour as Chocolate Orange (before they made the recipe waxy, anyway!), whilst the crunchy caramel has the same buttery, super sweet and slightly nutty flavour. These were a bit of a sugar overkill after eating a few - I started to feel myself becoming diabetic so I had to stop, as moreish as they are!

daim orange minis limited edition

Overall, these are a fantastic limited edition flavour of Daim and if you love orange flavoured chocolate you simply have to try them! They're not weakly flavoured or a gimmick, which makes a nice change. I imagine they'd go down particularly well over the festive season. What are you waiting for? Get down to Poundstretcher pronto and buy a bag! (They're apparently also available in Ikea).

9 out of 10.


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