Real Handful Strawberries and Cream Review

real handful strawberries and cream

I really don't know about the name of this product...Real Handful, really?! There's only ONE hand, my Hand, the Snacks Hand, the Hand Selfie Hand. They didn't even contact me for hand-modelling purposes. Humph! No matter, when I saw this hand-inspired Fruit + Nut + Choc Mix in Boots recently I just had to give it a try.

real handful strawberries and cream

It's a mixture of dried mini Senga Sengana strawberries, strawberry flavour raisins, cashew nuts, and white chocolate. The bag cost around 80p or so. I'm guessing they're trying to capitalize on the trend for trail mixes, like Galaxy Bounty and M&Ms are.

real handful strawberries and cream

Thankfully this is a rather more inspired mixture than the Bounty and Galaxy Trail Mixes. The white chocolate is the perfect accompaniment for the sweet strawberries, raisins and cashews, there's just enough of it for a sweet indulgent hit but it's not too sickly or overpowering. The Senga strawberries are lovely and give this bag a proper strawberries and cream feel, I didn't expect to enjoy them so much but they're pretty amazing!

Overall, this is a nice selection from Real Handful and I like the idea of their unique flavour mixtures. They also do Mochacinno, Blueberry and Goji Berry varieties. I think I'll let them off with using The Hand in their advertising. For now...

Nutrition Info (per 40g): 163 Calories, 6g Fat, 24.4g Carbohydrates, 2.2g Protein.

8 out of 10.


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