Poundland Twin Peaks Caramel Crunch Review

twin peaks caramel crunch

Despite being a knock-off of Toblerone, Poundland's Twin Peaks bar has now racked up quite a number of varieties...there's everything from Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Fruit and Nut...and there was even a Honeycomb flavour. It seems however that Honeycomb has made way for this new variety - Caramel Crunch (at least, they didn't have Honeycomb in Poundland when I spotted this). It sounds a bit like Daim crossed with Toblerone, doesn't it?

Poundland Twin Peaks Caramel Crunch

The description certainly made it sound as such: "Milk chocolate with caramel, almond and honey nougat pieces". It comes in a vibrant, eye-catching red wrapper which is the only reason I noticed it nestled amongst all the other Twin Peaks bars.

Poundland Twin Peaks Caramel Crunch

The block design is a bit different from Toblerone - probably to protect it from infringing copyright - and honestly doesn't look as cool. It's supposedly inspired by the Wrekin and Ercall hills which are based in Shropshire. But we all know what it's really "inspired" by...don't worry, we won't tell anyone Poundland! ;)

Poundland Twin Peaks Caramel Crunch

The chocolate is pretty standard cheap milk chocolate, nothing to write home about and certainly not as good as the quality Swiss Toblerone milk chocolate. The addition of the crunchy caramel is nice though and certainly makes this a lot more moreish than it otherwise would be, with the nougat and almonds complimenting it. It's a pretty good mash up of crunchy, sweet, savoury and chewy tastes. I do wish it had been real Toblerone and Daim, though...now that's just an epic mash up waiting to happen, and I'm surprised Mondelez haven't yet done it?! (spoiler: they probably will).

Overall, for cheap chocolate this is a decent mash up of flavours and you can't grumble for £1. I wonder what flavour they will go for next...my prediction is something Gingerbread based just in time for Christmas. You heard it here first folks! ;)


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