Dr Pepper Gummy Soda Bottles Review

dr pepper gummy soda bottles

Amongst some of the sweets I got from A Taste of The States recently were these Dr Pepper Gummy Bottles - a rather unique take on the classic soda bottle sweet! To get a 20% discount off these or any other products on A Taste Of The States you can use the code KEV20.

I've never been the biggest Dr Pepper fan I will admit, but I've always appreciated it now and then and I did used to enjoy it mixed with bourbon whisky in particular. The taste is hard to describe but everyone who's tried it knows it well - it reminds me of a marzipan almond type flavour, but super sweet. So how does this work in gummy bottle form?

dr pepper gummy soda bottles

Opening the bag these certainly had a strong aroma of Dr Pepper - there was no mistaking it!

dr pepper soda gummy bottles

The taste is interesting. I wouldn't say I loved it but nor did I hate it. It has a strong Dr Pepper flavour, but it's actually a lot sweeter than the drink itself in this gummy form - I don't know how they've managed that. A few sweets are nice, but more than that becomes too sickly. I think these would make a nice Pick and Mix paired with other sweets, maybe as a Gummy Bottle Mix Up? Now there's an idea!

Overall, these are one for the hardcore Dr Pepper fans or those with a passing curiosity. Check out A Taste Of The States for more like this, and be sure to use code KEV20 for a discount!


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