Asda Raspberry Flavour Unicorn Spread

Asda Raspberry Flavour Unicorn Spread

As annoying as the Unicorn trend is becoming (let it rest, it’s had it’s day!) I did get quite excited when I found out Asda have a new raspberry flavour “Unicorn” spread out. Simply because it’s such a novelty, and contains popping candy! I had totally forgotten however that I reviewed a product like this back in 2015 which was Winsenia Raspberry Spread that was available in Aldi at the time.

Asda Raspberry Flavour Unicorn Spread

Costing £1.50, and simply described as “raspberry flavour Unicorn spread with popping candy pieces” this is indeed very similar to the spread I tried from Aldi back in 2015. It doesn’t contain white chocolate, and only the popping candy contains cocoa butter in the ingredients. It consists of a mixture of sugar, oil, milk powder, buttermilk powder etc.

Asda Raspberry Flavour Unicorn Spread
It’s nice and gloopy with the popping candy pieces just visible in the pink mixture. Just the right texture to spread...which I did on rice cakes (I know, boring, but I like them ok!)

Asda Raspberry Flavour Unicorn Spread

The spread has a strong raspberry smell, and definitely isn’t skimping on it! 

Asda Raspberry Flavour Unicorn Spread

I took a bite, and was met with a super sweet, milky taste with a good strong tart raspberry flavour. The popping candy crackles gently in your mouth - kind of fun I guess, although I’m not the biggest fan of it. The sweet raspberry flavour is the main attraction. 

Asda Raspberry Flavour Unicorn Spread

Overall, I have to say I think this is a fun product, it’s a bit different in terms of spreads and it’s about time we got something new in the UK. The popping candy is a bit gimmicky but hey, it’s s kids product so I’m sure they’ll love it! Also if you have a sweet tooth and like pink and/or unicorn things this is one for you too!

*Not suitable for nut allergy sufferers
*Doesn't state if vegetarian suitable


  1. Is that what happened to all the unicorns in the world? You Brits have been putting them on your bread?

    On a side note, if you ever have a chance try All Dressed chips, Hickory sticks and Coffee crisps from Canada. These are some of the classics.


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