Coconuts Organic Choc Orange Swirl Non Dairy Ice Cream

Coconuts Organic Choc Orange Swirl Non Dairy Ice Cream

If you're into dairy free or vegan ice cream, good news, there's a new plant based alternative on the block: Coconuts Organic! Formerly called Coconuts Naturally they have rebranded and are now available in selected Tesco stores - do check out their website to see if they're available near you. You can find them in the Free From frozen food section for £5 a tub.

This Choc Orange Swirl variety is described as "Organic, non-dairy chocolate orange ice cream, made with coconut cream, unrefined coconut sugar and laced with an indulgent chocolate sauce swirl". It contains no dairy, nuts or gluten and is free from major allergens. It's soil association certified organic and also approved by the vegan society.

Coconuts Organic Choc Orange Swirl Non Dairy Ice Cream

I couldn't wait to get this home to eat so cheekily ate some whilst in a Costa store right after buying it. There's a lovely orangey chocolate aroma on removing the lid. And the consistency is creamy, not too solid and was just beginning to get melty when I ate it.

Coconuts Organic Choc Orange Swirl Non Dairy Ice Cream

I've tried a couple of vegan chocolate ice creams now, all of them with varying results, but this is definitely the best I've had. It has a nice creamy texture, no ice crystals or "sorbet" like consistency that some dairy free ice creams have, all complimented with a nice chocolatey orangey tang. I think the sauce swirl must have blended into the melted parts of the ice cream because I didn't particularly notice it, but overall the ice cream was a chocolatey orange delight! It felt like regular dairy ice cream in taste and consistency, with plenty of rich cocoa flavour, and without the sickliness that some dairy based ice creams sometimes have, but that said it was definitely very rich in its own right.

Overall, if you're vegan, avoiding dairy, nuts, gluten or refined sugar then this is one for you! It's not one I would go for over the Double Caramel variety - that one is divine - but I would buy it to go "alongside" it as variation. Yes, these are a little pricey at £5, but I think that it's worth the price when they tick so many boxes whilst still being indulgent.


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