Walkers Trending Tastes Crisps: Spicy Sriracha & BBQ Pulled Pork

walkers trending tastes

Walkers have done some interesting varieties over the years... who can forget the Brussels Sprout Crisps from last year? This Spring they're going for something supposedly more "on trend" with this Trending Tastes Limited Edition 10 pack, available now for £2 from Sainsbury's. It includes 3 packs of Spicy Sriracha flavour (is that really trending? hmmm), 3 BBQ Pulled Pork (ok that's a little more trendy...I think?), and 4 of that classic British staple...Cheese and Onion. Really, Walkers? How on earth can you justify classing such an old flavour as trending? I suspect they'd say something like "a classic never dies"...but let's be real here this is just lazy and cheap. We wanted a NEW flavour, dammit!

walkers trending tastes spicy sriracha

Disappointment aside, at least the new flavours are good. My favourite was the Spicy Sriracha, which is very strong, potently spicy, with a strong onion flavour and is slightly sweet. A great mix of flavours in one crisp!

walkers trending tastes spicy sriracha

I enjoyed these and if you see them in single bags would recommend them, however don't go out of your way to buy a multipack just to try them. 8/10.

walkers trending tastes bbq pulled pork

The BBQ Pulled Pork variety, slightly more trendy at the moment in the food world, in comparison to the Sriracha flavour was quite tame and...SWEET! This was the first thing that hit me, and on looking at the ingredients I could see why - it has fructose powder in. I'm not sure if pulled pork is meant to be so sweet, but what do I know. 

walkers trending tastes bbq pulled pork

It's a decent flavour, tasting mildly of pork and some gentle spices and makes a nice palette cleanser after the Sriracha. But personally it's not something I'd buy in a single pack and it's not worth buying a multipack for. 7/10.

Overall then, these Trending Tastes Limited Edition are a mixed bag (or rather multipack haha). The Spicy Sriracha are pretty great, the Pulled Pork are Alright, and the Cheese and Onion...well we all know what they taste of. I think it's good that food companies are getting on board with what's "trendy" but in this case they could have come up with better.


  1. Lol; cheese and onion, trending?? Maybe 60 years ago, not today!

    I suspect the fructose in the pulled pork flavour is because bbq sauce tends to be laden with sugar.

  2. I'm glad I didn't pick up the multipack today. Honestly the Cheese & Onion put me off and I had a suspicion the Pulled Pork would be on the sweet side. Thanks for the review!


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