Maltesers Smash Cake Review (Asda)

maltesers smash cake

Oh, the drama that receiving a Maltesers cake causes. You have to laugh. I was kindly sent this by PR to post about on Instagram, causing much joy as well as kerfuffle, and understandably so. Isn't it just a work of art?!

Looking like one giant Malteser from the top, it's a Smash Cake with a shell of milk chocolate to break through to reveal the treats below. 

maltesers smash cake

Doesn't it look amazing?! This is available from Asda stores now for £14 (stock might not be in all stores just yet).

maltesers smash cake

Breaking the top open was like finding hidden pearls...ooh! 

maltesers smash cake

The cake is topped with chocolate frosting, drizzled with malt and so has a malty flavour. And finished off with real Maltesers. Basically it's a malt-extravaganza! Now, as some know I can't do gluten, so this was shared around with friends to get a handful of opinions. 

The feedback was that it's very rich, with a nice malty flavour, but there's maybe too much of the chocolate frosting. One friend said it could do with a cream filling rather than chocolate to break up the taste a bit. Malt pieces embedded in the cream might also have been a nice addition, to make it more malteaser-ish. All in all though it's pretty indulgent and a great gift for those who love Maltesers.

A lot of folks said on Instagram that they make their own versions...have you tried this? Let me know in the comments!

8 out of 10. 


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