Tyrrell's Aphrodisiac Honey & Chilli Valentines Crisps

Tyrrell's Aphrodisiac Honey & Chilli Valentines Crisps

It's nearly Valentines Day and things are heating up...at least they are with Tyrrell's, makers of Hand Cooked English crisps! They're doing a special limited edition Honey and Chilli Aphrodisiac variety, which they kindly sent me some samples of to review just in time for the day of luuurve.

From the pack: "Spice up your Valentine's and tantalise your taste buds with this sumptuous duo. When the mellow sweet and sticky honey met the fiery spice of chilli...it was love at first bite!"

Ooh-er missus!

tyrrells aphrodisiac chilli

I tipped the crisps onto my special heart-shaped plate (bought from Poundland!) and they had a fiery reddish hue to them. The spicy aroma of chilli was very apparent.

Tyrrell's Aphrodisiac Honey & Chilli Valentines Crisps

I like to think the crisp above has a heart in the middle...but it was probably a lucky accident! So do the crisps live up to their aphrodisiac name? Well, yes kind of! The first flavour that hits you is a gentle sweetness followed by a stronger spicy chilli flavour, and then the mellow honey flavour becomes more obvious again. It's quite the taste sensation! Neither too spicy, nor too sweet...pretty much what you want from a Valentine's date, I guess?!

Tyrrell's Aphrodisiac Honey & Chilli Valentines Crisps

"Just one more should do it Alfred darling!" is the caption for the above pic. I'm not quite sure what this woman is trying to do, force feed her hubby? Or maybe she's ridiculously excited about creating the flavour for these crisps? Answers on a postcard!

All in all, I have to say Tyrrell's have created a seriously tasty combination with these limited edition crisps, and they actually did leave me feeling a little "high" somehow! They're very easy to eat and definitely more interesting and flavoursome than most regular (boring!) crisp brands. If you happen to spot these anywhere, I'd recommend buying a pack for Valentines - they'd go down very nicely with a bottle of bubbly and a cheesecake! (maybe that's just how I spend my Valentines...)

8.5 out of 10. 

Find them on https://www.tyrrellscrisps.co.uk/


  1. Anyone managed to find these in the shops yet?

    None in any of my local supermarkets ūüôĀ

    1. It's weird, the card I got with them didn't mention where they'd be sold...could be an online only thing?

    2. Couldn't find them on their website either Kev.

    3. They've told me it's only in small independent stores and you can also message them to buy from them directly. There was only a limited amount made.

    4. Thanks Kev. Will keep a lookout but I doubt i'll find them now. Oh well...


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