Toad-Ally Snax Birthday Cake Popcorn

When I spotted this "Birthday Cake Popcorn" in Discount UK/Bargain Buys the other day I got super excited...until I read the ingredients and saw it was full of additives and colourings. But my curiosity started gnawing away at me (as it always does with things like this!) and I decided I just had to try the name of Snacks Science!

This costs £1 a bag and is made by Toad-Ally Snax, one of the oddest company names I've heard in a's a company originating from Bristol, PA (that's Bristol in Pensylvania, not Britain!). You get 85g popcorn per bag and it's described as "white chocolate drizzled birthday cake flavoured popcorn". It's also got baking sprinkles all over it too (complete with food colourings that "may have an adverse effect on attention in children").

I poured the popcorn into a bowl, it had a very sweet aroma, more so than most white chocolate does. Suspiciously reading the ingredients list, I found that it's "fake" white chocolate made up of palm oil, whey, vanilla and birthday cake flavour (how on earth can you make birthday cake into a flavouring anyway?)

I scooped up a small handful and took a, this is very sweet, but addictive popcorn! I don't know if it was the birthday cake flavour or the sprinkles, but it was like popcorn crack...seriously, seriously addictive! The crunchiness from the sprinkles and the popcorn, combined with the sweetness of the vanilla birthday cake coating is simply the perfect combination.

What can I say...I'm so glad I caved in and tried this popcorn, it's super sweet and sickly and full of colourings, but it's also highly moreish and addictive and may just be one of the best new snacks around. Forget your low calorie, wholegrain "healthy" popcorns and go for this won't be sorry!

8.5 out of 10. 


  1. Buy me all the birthday cake popcorn please. :D xx

  2. Very weird. My sin said they are are toadally disgusting! But yes very addictive lol.


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