Marks & Spencer After Dinner Coffee Trio Box Review

Phew, two M&S reviews in just over a week and I still have more in the archives! I don't actually shop at M&S regularly, but when I do I keep my eye out for those reduced price yellow stickers, you never know what products are going to get the yellow sticker treatment!

One of the latest to catch my eye was this box of After Dinner Coffee chocolates, which were reduced to £1.35. It's a box of white, milk and dark chocolates with coffee truffle fillings. I love coffee and chocolate so I was very excited to see how these would taste...

I started off with the white chocolate one, because white chocolate and coffee is usually a winning combination. It tasted okay, the white chocolate was a bit basic but the filling had a strong coffee flavour, but somehow it didn't work as well as I'd hoped, maybe because these were close to the sell by date...I'm not sure, but it seemed a little unexciting fot a coffee chocolate.

The milk chocolate one was a bit better...the milk chocolate distracted more from the coffee filling, but it was still a bit bland overall.

The dark chocolate one was just as disappointing as the others...a little one dimensional and boring. In fact I ended up giving them away...something I hardly ever do with chocolate!

Overall, this is a rather bland collection of chocolates from M&S, and at the regular price it's way over priced...I'd recommend one of their mixed chocolate collections instead.

6 out of 10.




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