M&S The Milk One Chocolate Bar Review

M&S have been reducing a lot of bars in their chocolate range recently, and thanks to this I've had the chance to try a few I otherwise wouldn't bother with due to the high prices. This week, it's the turn of The Milk One and The Dark One to get reductions; they're down to 30p rather than 60p. I actually wanted to turn to the Dark Side and try The Dark One but alas, The Force was strong and prevented me from indulging on this occasion...(aka there weren't any left!)

This bar is described as simply a "Solid Creamy Milk Chocolate bar" and weighs in at 32 grams. Opening the wrapper, it has curved shape blocks, a bit like the new Dairy Milk block design (they're clearly copying the same idea), with the last block helpfully saying "the last one"...perhaps propesizing the fact that I won't be buying another one of these bars!

I've tried "The White One" before which I thought was quite nice, so I had hopes this one would be good but alas, it left me disappointed. It's okay, it's sweet and creamy and what you'd expect from milk chocolate, but it's hardly mind blowing. In fact it's rather boring and I didn't feel it differed in taste much from Tesco's Value branded milk chocolate bars, which are also 30p. It was perhaps a tad creamier, but that's about all.

Overall, I'm glad I only paid 30p for this because I'd feel a bit shortchanged paying any more. It's an ok bar of chocolate, but it's not really upto the perceived quality standards M&S would like us to have of their products.

7 out of 10. 


  1. The last one could actually be the first one depending which way around one consumed the bar.. Haha! xx

    1. Or you could always eat it sideways...some, of us have big mouths haha! xx

  2. Oh no such a shame that this wasn't that great :( I noticed they were reduced to 30p in M&S and debated picking one up...I don't understand why they are reducing them though, all of the Crazy Ones/Crunchy Ones and what not that were reduced a month or so ago are still there but back at full price so it's not like they're reduced to clear?

    1. Yeah it's a bit odd...I'm thinking they may be close to the sell by date? Or it's just a promo offer.

    2. Possibly..the crazy one I had still had ages left on it though and I don't think it would say 'reduced to clear' it if were a promo. Odd.


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