Mega M&M's Limited Edition

Recently my local Poundstretcher has been selling bags of these Mega M&Ms at two for a Pound, which seems like an absolute steal. After all not only are you getting M&Ms, but M&Ms that are three times bigger than standard...what more could you want right?

Opening the pack revealed the usual brightly coloured chocolate beans, albeit much larger.

And they tasted pretty much as you'd expect, a bit more chocolatey but still very sweet thanks to the crunchy coloured shells. In fact the larger size highlighted just how sweet the chocolate in M&Ms actually is...I'd never noticed it before but it's very sweet indeed. These were a nice snack, but did become a bit one dimensional after a while.

Overall, these are a nice novelty but not something I can see sticking around...the original and peanut M&Ms are still the best. It did make me wonder though...why don't Mars UK bring out a more interesting M&Ms variety for us...oh I don't know...the peanut butter variety perhaps?! You know it makes sense Mars UK! 

7.5 out of 10. 


  1. Yes Kevvie peanut butter would be a dream so we don't have to fork out extortionate prices for the US version. I'm sad to see the hand did not make an appearance to illustrate the giantness of the M&Ms hahaha xx

    1. The hand is recuperating from a long weekend of baking haha ;) I've been calling for Mars to launch PB M&Ms for years now to no avail :( I reckon they must make extra money off imports of the US version! Xx

  2. Were these UK 'mega' M&Ms just the same size as the standard US ones? As the US ones are always quite a big bigger. I agree though, such a shame that they don't decide to bring out more different limited edition ones here - we just get limited edition Rio ones that are different colours :| boring.

    1. I'm not sure actually...I've never had the regular US M&Ms, although I've tried the Mint and Coconut flavour ones, and these are definitely larger than those. Those Rio M&Ms are so stupid...they do the same thing at Xmas with "Xmas colored M&Ms" (eye roll).


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