New Galaxy Golden Eggs

It seems the Golden Hen has become a bit broody recently and decided to lay some eggs! Yes, it's not even Christmas Day yet but Easter eggs are already in the shops...crazy.

Despite the madness of eating Easter eggs in December, I have to say I was rather excited when I found these in WH Smiths over the weekend. For £1 you get 80g of Galaxy mini eggs containing pieces of crunchy caramel, all rolled in a gold coloured coating.

The eggs looked very cool indeed, the gold coating creates a nice effect and makes them look more special than your average mini egg.

They tasted a bit plainer than they looked however. It's basically creamy Galaxy milk chocolate with some crunchy sugar pieces added...they reminded me of the Galaxy Honeycomb bar that's now been discontinued. They were pleasant, I enjoyed them, but I couldn't help think they're more style over substance.

Overall, these are pleasant enough chocolates and I'm sure they'll be very popular thanks to the gold colouring, but I doubt I will buy them when the Easter season eventually arrives. Now, let's get on with Christmas!

RATING: 7 out of 10.


  1. You have very nice hands.. *Creepy face* xx

  2. Can't believe there's easter products out already! I feel that these would have been nicer if they'd made them a galaxy caramel filling or salted caramel. The little nibbly pieces look as if they'd get lost.

  3. Kev u r an absolute legend

  4. Dear Kevin,

    My family and I are appalled by this review.

    Immediately out of the gate I was struck by your use of the term "golden hen", as if this product is in any way associated with poultry or the livestock industry as a whole. These eggs are made of chocolate, and are not laid by any animal.

    But that aside, I find it absolutely baffling that you would refer to these eggs as "crazy". Frankly Kevin, I find it "C**zy" that you would use such inappropriate, laden language on a blog that can be accessed by absolutely anyone, without any age-warning whatsoever, and on a subject (confectionery!!) that is likely to lure children looking for nutritional information on their new favourite treat.

    Finally, I can't help but scoff aloud at your presumptuous comment that they are "style over substance", when your photograph of the packet-in-hand clearly shows a packet torn open in a way that is in no way natural, but intended to portray yourself as some sort of roguish, devil-may-cry snack reviewing lothario.

    I will not be visiting your blog any more.

    Helen Coole, concerned mother of two.

    1. I couldn't have put it better myself.. You're my hero, Helon Coole, concerned mother of two.

    2. Dear Helen, thankyou for your concern which we take very seriously here at Kevs Snack Reviews HQ. This is the first complaint of this nature type we've had and we would therefor be very greatfull if you could provide testimonials from your family as to the outrage caused, we will then do a full investigation. The readers satisfaction is always our main concern and if Kev is found to be guilty we shall of course take appropriate action. We hope we haven't lost you for good ;)

  5. I have tried these eggs and while the golden coating tastes a bit metallic for my liking I like the crunchy caramel pieces.


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