Marks & Spencer Milk, Dark & White Chocolate Bar

Marks & Spencer have recently brought out a few interesting bars in their own-brand chocolate range, there's a caramel one, a Bubbly one and this...a combination of milk, white & dark chocolate in the same bar. Can't decide which chocolate you fancy? Now you don't have to...have a bit of everything!

Opening the wrapper, on the front side the bar had spiky, almost pyramid shaped blocks. They reminded me a little bit of Toblerone. The back of the bar revealed a chequered effect, almost like a chessboard!

I snapped off a few pieces with varying amounts of milk, dark and white chocolate and took a bite. First I noticed the white chocolate; very milky and comforting, then the milk chocolate adding to the creaminess with a nice smooth cocoa flavour, with the dark chocolate finishing everything off with a richer cocoa hit. All the flavours work perfectly together, which surprised me as I thought this was just a gimmick initially. There's a nice balance of all the flavours and you get a good taste of each one.

Overall, this is a great bar of chocolate; if you can't decide what flavour to go for it covers all bases! I would buy this one again which isn't something I often find myself saying about Marks & Spencers chocolates!

RATING: 8.5 out of 10. 


  1. This reminds me of the triple-layered milk, dark and white chocolate bar M&S did several years ago but sadly it was discontinued. I can't wait to give the new version a try next time I'm in M&S.

    1. I remember that one! It was in a smaller bar format than this I believe?

    2. Yes the layered bar was smaller. In the run-up to last Christmas I bought two of these new bars: one for me and one to share with my family. On a trip to the beach I shared the latter bar with my parents and while my dad and I liked it my mum didn't because she felt the cold weather made it feel plasticky.

  2. The back of it looks delicious - love the chequered effect! I haven't tried this one yet. Will have to give it a go - I'm going to be morbidly obese after Christmas :|

    1. Me too! Have you seen all the new chocs in Fenwicks recently? Lots of interesting new stuff right now..


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