Asda Rainbow Choc White Chocolate

Many years ago, Nestle brought out a white chocolate Smarties bar. Many people won't remember it as it wasn't around for long, but needless to say it was a pretty tasty bar of chocolate. Sadly they discontinued it, leaving a gap in the market for chocolate bars with colorful "chocolate beans" embedded in them. Now it seems Asda have come to the rescue with their new "Rainbow Choc" bar, for the very low price of 60p for 100g.

Sadly, it's nowhere near as good as the White Smarties bar used to be. The white chocolate tastes very cheap, with little creaminess and a lot of sugariness. The chocolate beans don't add much to the flavour either, maybe a little hint of overly sweet, cheap milk chocolate but that's all. This is a very poor bar indeed....

Overall, I would urge people to avoid this; it's just a gimmick from Asda to sell poor quality white chocolate. I imagine it's aimed at children, but please don't give your kids cheap rubbish like this, it's just not worth it even if the price tag is low! Stick with Milkybar...

RATING: 4 out of 10. 


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