Nestlé Chocolait Chips White Chocolate (Poundland)

Nestlé Chocolait Chips have been widely available in Germany for a long time now, and they briefly appeared in the UK in the late 90's but didn't last for long. I'm a huge fan of them, and always stock up when they find their way to UK discount stores, and luckily at the moment there seems to be a glut of them in Poundland - hurrah! Both the Milk and White chocolate varieties are available.

Chocolait Chips are basically crunchy, curly shapes made from maize, coated in chocolate with an almond flavour. They're extremely moreish, and perfect for snacking on whilst watching a film!

The almond flavour is quite strong, biting into one will remind you of Battenberg cake. But it works perfectly with the creamy white chocolate, which is one type of chocolate Nestlé seem to excel at making. The crunchiness and savoury flavour of the maize works perfectly with the sweetness, meaning you'll keep reaching for "just one more"!

Overall, these are a fantastic snack and if you see any in Poundland I would highly recommend giving them a try!

If you've tried these please do let me know your thoughts in the comments!

RATING: 8 out of 10.


  1. Went to Poundland today and bought these especially on your recommendation! Never heard of them before but almond, white chocolate and cereal is surely a winner in my books

  2. Ooh I spotted and bought these a few days ago! I don't think I've ever seen them before so I've been looking forward to trying them - glad you recommend them.


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