Chupa Chups Air Heads Fruit Candy (UK)

Recently it was announced that the U.S "Air Heads" sweets brand would be launching in the UK by Chupa Chups. U.S. brands launching here can often be hit or miss, so I was curious to see if these were just hype or if they're actually any good.

Well, I can say that they're certainly very tasty sweets. They're like Skittles with a similar chewy texture, but taste a little more fruity and tangy. I really enjoyed them, but would I buy them over Skittles? Probably not to be honest, as they're not different or unique enough.

Overall, as nice as these are I'm not sure I can see them lasting. We already have Skittles and other similar chewy sweets on shelves, so I don't think there's a gap in the market for these. Time will tell I guess!

RATING: 7 out of 10.

Not suitable for vegetarians. 


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