Heidi Espresso Dark Chocolate (Asda) Review

When a new range of Heidi branded chocolates popped up in Asda recently I was very keen to try them. There's some interesting flavors in the range such as cranberry, lemon and mint, pistachio etc. However as I'm slightly addicted to coffee I thought this Espresso flavor would be the best to try first.

Unfortunately, I can't say I was all that impressed with it. The dark chocolate tasted quite mild and cheap - this is certainly not good quality chocolate! It contains only 50% cocoa which may partly explain it, but as well as that the coffee flavor wasn't all that nice either. It tasted like cheap instant coffee. 

Overall, I'm a bit disappointed with Heidi chocolates. Since this is my first taste of the brand I'm not too excited to try the rest of the flavours in the range. If you've tried any yourself please do get in touch via the comments! 

RATING: 6 out of 10. 


  1. I haven't tried this one, but there are some Heidi chocolate tablets worth recommending, for example Florentine (milk chocolate with caramelised almond flakes layer) or Crème brûlée (unfortunately, that one was a Winter Delight limited edition).

    1. Thanks, I will look out for them. I've seen some Heidi truffles in Asda before with florentine but they don't sell them now.

  2. I saw these in Asda too and treated myself to several bars - I have eaten the plain 85% and just taken then Heide Dark and Canberry only intending to have 2 pieces and I have eat the lot - delicious I loved it and was looking on the web to see where else it was sold as I raely go to Asda as its about 3/4 hour away driving. i want to buy some more


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