Carte D'or Gelateria Blueberry Ice Cream

Tesco are doing a special offer on the Carte D'or ice cream range at the moment, and one that really piqued my interest was this new "Gelateria Blueberry" variety. Blueberry isn't a flavour you often see paired with ice cream so it sounded just a little bit unique!

The tub comprises of both blueberry and vanilla ice creams with a blueberry sauce, plus dark and white chocolate hearts sprinkled over the top. It looked very pretty I have to say!

And it tasted "pretty" amazing, too! Although the ice cream had melted a little by the time I got home, it was still very creamy, in fact it was the perfect temperature as it wasn't too firm or solid, giving a nice soft bite. The blueberry flavour really shone through - there were strong bursts of it from the sauce - it was slightly tangy but very refreshing. This is the sort of ice cream that will be perfect on a Summers day! The chocolate hearts are mostly for decoration, but they did add a slight chocolatey element to the mix.

Overall, this is a fantasic ice cream and just proves that blueberry is an under-utilized flavour. If you see this on special offer I would highly recommend trying a tub!

RATING: 8 out of 10.


  1. I love the texture of Carte Dor ice cream!! The new praline one they've launched is incredible!

    1. Ooh really? I must try that one. I skipped it thinking it'd be a bit plain, I'll head back to tesco soon since there's an offer on!

    2. Yeah the praline one is epic; could just be because I love chocolate hazelnut flavoured things but I'd strongly recommend it!

  2. is this a really sweet ice cream or tangy? blueberry is a hard flavor to judge

    1. It's sweet but I haven't been able to find it anywhere for twelve months.


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