Nestlé Le Chocolat Lime Bar - Greek Chocolate Review

When I found this bar of Nestlé Le Chocolat Lime on a local market stall recently I just had to give it a's not often you see lime-flavoured chocolates!

When I opened the wrapper though, I felt rather disappointed. Not only because of the dusty bloomed appearance of the chocolate, but also because I've tried the same bar before but in different packaging - the Czech Nestlé Orion Lime Cream Bar I reviewed last year.

Basically this bar tasted exactly the same, although a little on the stale side due to the bloomed chocolate. It's a tasty bar with a unique tangy lime flavour, but a little sickly in excess. This version is made by the Greek arm of Nestlé and there appears to be quite a few other flavours in the range too.

Overall, an interesting bar and if you happen to see one I would recommend giving them a whirl if only for the sake of novelty.


  1. I might want to give this bar a whirl sometime. Lime cream enrobed in dark chocolate/milk chocolate. I am a huge fan of lime cream enrobed in either dark/milk chocolate. It represents me the number 94.


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