Bassett's Jelly Babies Berry Mix (Tesco Exclusive) Review

Whilst at Tesco recently I found these new Jelly Babies Berry Mix, and like the Cadbury Eclairs Velvets Coffee Flavour they're a Tesco Exclusive. They're basically the berry flavours from regular Jelly Babies in their own bag...nothing all that new or exciting really.

The babies have some odd names..."Brilliant", "Big Heart" and "Baby Bonny" and the flavours are blackcurrant, raspberry and what seems to be strawberry, although the ingredients also list apple so it's hard to tell.

They tasted pleasant enough but not particularly "berry-ish", if there is such a word...just very sweet. To be honest I wasn't that enamoured with them, they were a bit one-dimensional without the green, yellow, orange etc jelly babies. I wanted some citrus flavours to liven things up a bit!

Overall I felt these were a bit of a letdown, and a lazy way for Mondelez to repackage an existing product (which seems to be happening a lot recently...). If you like just the berry flavours from regular Jelly Babies you might enjoy these...but I'm not sure anyone will care all that much!

RATING: 6 out of 10.

Price: £1 (Tesco Exclusive).
Suitable for vegetarians?: No.
Allergy Information: Contains sulphites. May contain wheat.
Nutrition (per 4 sweets): 89 Calories, 0g Fat, 21g Carbs, 20g Sugar.


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