Post-xmas bargains! Thorntons Mint Classics, Giant Quality Street Fudge & More...

This is a late post, but since I bought a lot of reduced chocolates in the post-xmas sales I thought I'd compile them all into one superpost. There's been so many I've been pigging out on it'd take ages to review them all individually!

Thorntons Classics Marvellous Mint Favourites:

First up is the Thorntons Classics Mint Collection. I've always been curious about this box and for £1.98 at Morrisons I really couldn't say no! Unfortunately it wasn't as great as I anticipated. It was nice enough, don't get me wrong, but it lacked a "wow" factor for a supposedly fancy box of chocolates. The varieties were a little unimaginative and tasted overly sweet. The box comprised of several different varieties:

Mint Fudge: This was a nice mint flavoured fudge, although not quite up to Thorntons usual standards when it comes to fudge. 7 out of 10.

Peppermint Creme: This had a hard mint fondant centre and was thus extremely sweet, too sweet for me in fact. I much prefer soft fondants like those in After Eights or Fry's Peppermint Creme. 6 out of 10.

Mint Truffle Dome: This had some kind of white chocolate and mint cream mousse centre, and was one of the better chocolates in the box. The creamy flavours worked well with the mint. 8 out of 10.

Crunchy Mint Truffle: This one had crunchy mint pieces embedded within and was rather moreish, my favourite chocolate in the box. 8 out of 10. 

Overall - I feel that this is a tasty box of chocolates from Thorntons but the varieties are all a bit samey and unimaginative. I suppose mint chocolates will always be limited due to their strong flavour, but I still expected better. 

Nestle Quality Street Simply Fabulous Fudges:

Next up is the Giant Quality Street Fudge (or "simply fabulous fudges") which was reduced to just £1.25 in Asda! The RRP was £5 which is a bit steep but at £1.25 it was a pretty great bargain.

Unfortunately it wasn't actually one massive fudge (that would have been overkill!), it was a plastic container containing lots of regular-sized Quality Street fudges. They tasted nice, although after eating a few of them in a row it was a sugar overload. I think it's a great idea from Nestle to do individual flavours like this though because as we all know there's always the one that people love or hate...this way you get to have your favourites all to yourself! For the fruit creme lovers there was also the Fruit Cremes Carton (which I personally wasn't a fan of), and for Purple One lovers there were Giant Purple ones as well as a Giant Toffee Finger version. 7 out of 10.

Morrisons The Chocolate Collection:

For £1.50 I couldn't resist giving this a try as I always love a nice selection box of chocolates - even if it's a cheap supermarket version! I kind of knew what to expect from these and I was right - the chocolate was cheap and they weren't the best quality,  but nevertheless for the price they offered a nice variety to nibble on. The varieties were: Raspberry & White Chocolate Truffle, Milk Chocolate Toffee Apple, Salted Caramel Whirl, Dulce De leche Caramel Truffle, Dark Chocolate Orange Creme, Milk Chocolate Cherry Truffle, Strawberry Creme, Chocolate Toffee and Chocolate Fudge. All sounds rather nice doesn't it?

Taste-wise they were all pretty nice for cheap chocolates, but what I enjoyed most were the different varieties. The toffee apple chocolates were quite unique and the raspberry and white chocolate truffle was very tasty indeed. The rest were pretty much standard fare but all of them offered a nice selection of tastes and textures.

Overall, I feel this was a good box of chocolates for those on a budget, but I would never pay more than a couple of quid for one. It offers probably more variety than most chocolate boxes from mainstream companies like Cadbury and Nestle. 8 out of 10.

Morrisons Sticky Toffee Mix Ups:

These were reduced to 99p and became quite a favourite of mine during the post-xmas period. The chocolate is standard cheap milk chocolate but the centres had a delicious buttery toffee flavour and were nice and gooey, with the mini fudge pieces on top adding a lovely chewiness. The tastes and textures worked perfectly together and made these quite indulgent. 8 out of 10.

Morrisons White Chocolate & Cranberry Bites:

I was glad to see these reduced as I had been curious about them before Christmas but unwilling to fork out the regular price. They're basically discs of white chocolate with dried cranberries embedded in them, and tasted extremely sweet and milky and a little on the cheap side, but despite this they were pretty tasty. 7 out of 10.

Well, I hope you've enjoyed reading about my post-xmas chocolate bargains even if these are no longer available in shops!

Did you try any of these chocolates over Christmas? If so please let me know in the comments!


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  2. Ah I really wanted to grab one of those bargainous large Fudges but all of the Asdas near me never seemed to have them in :(


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