Milka Amavel Mousse a la Creme Caramel - Quick Review

My apologies for yet another old review...I bought this bar months ago and it has remained in my snacks archives for quite a while! My camera is currently broken so I can't review any of the cool new snacks on shelves at the moment - boo-hoo! :(

I picked up this bar from a discount store for 50p. It reminded me of the Milka Amavel Nuss Torte bar I reviewed here but instead of a sponge filling it contained a caramel-flavoured chocolate mousse filling. The bar came in 2 seperate plastic-wrapped sections:

Each section contained 4 uniquely shaped triangular, curved blocks:

Cutting one open revealed quite a firm truffle filling with a strong caramel aroma - it smelled absolutely delicious!

Taking a bite I wasn't let down - the chocolate was extremely rich and with a strong caramel/butterscotch-like flavour that was very delicious. It was a little bit too rich actually, and I could only handle a few blocks at once. It reminded me somewhat of the filling in Lindor truffles. The milka chocolate coating was as nice as ever; creamy and with a distinctive alpine milk flavour.

Overall, this was a very tasty bar and one I would recommend trying if you see it. It's very rich, but very tasty!

RATING: 7 out of 10.


  1. I think I would love this and I am liking the crazy shaped pieces. You are definitely an expert at finding amazing bargain chocolate! 50p!!


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