Lindt Excellence Blueberry Intense Dark Review

Being a huge fan of Lindt chocolates I had to pick this up when I saw it in Sainsbury's recently. I bought it along with the Lindt Strawberry Intense I've reviewed previously, for the same price of £1.99. I was pleased to find it because it's so rare to see such an exotic flavour from a mainstream chocolate producer in the UK. Bravo to Lindt for trying something a bit different!

Like the Strawberry Intense it contains 47% cocoa solids, and is described as "Fine dark chocolate with almonds and blueberries".

I think the amount of cocoa solids is just about right - not too rich and not too sweet, which for a bar like this is what you want really. The flavour of the blueberries was nice and complemented the almond pieces perfectly. They tasted realistic and avoided the trap of tasting too artificial, as blueberry flavoured chocolates often do. My only gripe is that there wasn't nearly enough of them - they make up only 2% of the bar in total. There's actually more almonds (6% of the total bar) which are nice and crunchy, but this bar is supposed to be about the blueberries, not the almonds! Minor complaints aside, it's still very tasty regardless and there's enough bursts of fruity blueberry to justify the name.

Overall, this bar felt like a special "treat" as does most of Lindt's Intense range. The Strawberry Intense is the better one out of the two in my opinion but this is still good in it's own right.

Apparently Lindt also do Blackberry, Passion Fruit and Cranberry Intense bars in Europe which all sound potentially amazing - please consider bringing them to the UK, Lindt!

RATING: 8 out of 10.

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Price: £1.99 at Sainsbury's
Suitable for vegetarians?: Not stated.
Allergy Information: Contains milk, nuts.
Nutrition Information (40g serving): 200 Calories, 12.4g Fat.


  1. What about comparing the Lindt Excellence white chocolate 'Strawberry Intense' to your preferred Strawberry dark chocolate?:)

    1. There's no comparison...the white chocolate one would win any day :)

  2. I first had this blueberry version in France over a year ago and was disappointed that we weren't getting all of the good flavours over here in England, so I was glad to see this in the supermarket a few months ago. I think the almond pieces really lift this bar and make it much more interesting - something like a sophisticated version of 'fruit and nut'. Very good indeed!

    1. I agree the almonds definitely lift it. If this bar were chunkier like a "fruit and nut" it'd be fantastic :)


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