Cadbury Dairy Milk D'aim Eggs Review

Being a big fan of the Dairy Milk with D'aim bar I reviewed last year I was rather excited to see these new Dairy Milk with D'aim mini eggs in WH Smiths recently. I'll ignore the fact that it's too early for Easter yet - January is just about acceptable in my book considering they've started to bring Easter eggs out in December now (see my "Easter Eggs in December?!" rant).

For £1 the bag contained a mere 8 mini eggs which came to 86g, which is a bit of a ripoff considering a 120g block of Dairy Milk with D'aim is £1 in Poundland and other shops, and contains a considerably greater amount of both chocolate and D'aim!

What I found odd about these eggs is that instead of being solid chocolate eggs with bits of D'aim, they appeared to contain a seperate chocolate centre with the D'aim pieces in it. Since both the filling and the shell are pure chocolate I don't understand the point of this at all; perhaps they used the same egg moulds as Cadbury Creme Egg? Anyway it made the texture rather odd as the eggs crumble apart awkwardly when you bite into them.

Taste-wise there's the usual creamy Dairy Milk chocolate which is as good as ever, but unfortunately it was a bit lacking in actual D'aim pieces. The few that were there (9% of each egg in total) were tiny in size and barely perceptible in taste; they just offered a minor bit of crunch.

Overall, I felt these D'aim Mini Eggs were a disappointment - the lack of D'aim pieces, small quantity of eggs per pack and general lack of imagination just makes them a bit "meh". I'd rather have the fantastic Cadbury Egg 'N' Spoons for Easter instead!

RATING: 6.5 out of 10. 

Price: £1 in most shops.
Allergy Information: Contains milk and almonds. May contain other nuts.
Nutrition (per 11.3g egg): 60 Calories, 3.4g Fat, 6.4g Carbs.
Not suitable for vegetarians. 


  1. I think I need to try those! (But may wait until all the Christmas choc is gone first!) x

  2. I need to try these!
    What's your Easter preference: Creme Egg, Caramel Egg OR these Diam eggs????


    1. Hmm I would say Caramel eggs. I used to love creme eggs but they're too sweet now.


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