Terry's Chocolate Orange Segsations

I'm not one to buy Chocolate Orange these days since it tastes so waxy, but one variation I've always enjoyed are Segsations, since they contain some of the most interesting Chocolate Orange flavours (well apart from the sorely missed White Chocolate Orange - boo!)

Amongst them are Milk Chocolate, Milk & Dark Chocolate, Toffee Crunch, Milk Crunch and Exploding Candy. All are suitable for vegetarians.

There's various messages printed on the segments, like "Yummy", "Taste me" etc. Quite frankly I'm disappointed they didn't have hashtags in front of them.

The milk chocolate segment tasted like the typical chocolate orange we all know and love, no surprises there.

The Exploding Candy had a subtle crackling sensation but nothing too noticeable, this is definitely one that won't upset granny this Christmas!

The Toffee Crunch tastes the same as the Minis Toffee Crunch, very sweet but with some crunchy moreish toffee pieces breaking up the texture.

The Milk Crunch aka rice crispy was the most interesting one of all; there's no other Chocolate Orange products with rice Crispies in so it was a bit of a novelty. Its a simple combination but it works well and is very moreish.

Last but not least, the Milk & Dark Chocolate segment. I don't know why they've made this half and half rather than full dark chocolate, perhaps they're worried granny isn't ready for a full Dark Chocolate Orange experience just yet...this tastes nice enough but is rather pointless in my opinion. Just put a full dark chocolate orange segment in, or replace it with white chocolate -  either way it'd be far better than this hybrid.

Overall, this is a pretty decent selection from Terry's Chocolate Orange, providing an interesting variety of flavours and textures. I do think it would be better with some White Chocolate Orange thrown in, but maybe that's just me?

8 out of 10. 

Are you a fan of Chocolate Orange Segsations? Would you like to see a return of White Chocolate Orange? Let me know in the comments, and stay tuned for more Kev's Christmassy Reviews as we enter the final week before Christmas! 


  1. But I was so hoping to upset granny this Christmas :( xx

    1. Give her one of the new Toblerones...she'll be upset the gaps are as wide as her teeth haha xx


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