Marks & Spencer Bucks Fizz Hand Cooked Crisps

marks and spencer bucks fizz potato crisps

Today's review as part of Kev's Christmassy Reviews is for something very special indeed. These are not just any crisps, they are M&S crisps, but they are also not just M&S crisps! They are M&S Bucks Fizz Hand Cooked Crisps, complete with edible gold shimmer. Blimey, you can't get more fancy than that!

marks and spencer bucks fizz potato crisps

The crisps are described as "chardonnay, champagne and orange flavoured potato crisps with edible glitter", the ingredients list is above for anyone interested . These are suitable for vegetarians, gluten free and appear to be vegan-friendly too.

marks and spencer bucks fizz potato crisps

Opening the bag they had a strong, acidic aroma and the edible gold blitter was clearly visible coating the crisps. They looked super special!

marks and spencer bucks fizz potato crisps

Taking a bite, I was expecting strong citrusy tones, but instead the crisps had a strong vinegar-led flavour. I can only assume this is from the chardonnay wine vinegar in the ingredients. There was a hint of orangey fizz in there, but the vinegar overpowered it. Don't get me wrong they're tasty crisps, very moreish and different from any regular vinegar flavourd crisps, but I was expecting more of a true Bucks Fizz taste. They suffer the same problem as Tyrrell's Poshcorn Bellini Cocktail, in tasting more of vinegar than alcohol.

Overall, these are some great quality crisps and they are definitely very tasty, with the edible gold glitter making them feel just that bit more special than any regular crisps. But personally I feel they should taste more like Bucks Fizz. Maybe they need to remove the vinegar from the ingredients?

7.5 out of 10.

If you've tried these, please let me know your thoughts in the comments! And do stay tuned for more of Kev's Christmassy Reviews :)


  1. I am sure fizzy crisps shouldn't be a thing.. It's not normal!! xx

    1. It's not normal cupcake. Not in the slightest xx

    2. The word "Violated" comes to mind xx


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