Marks & Spencer Minty Chocolate Snowballs

marks spencer minty chocolate snowballs

It's December, which means it's officially time to start reviewing everything and anything festive! I "mulled" over what to call my festive reviews this year - should I call them Kevmas? Kev's Festive Fix? In the end I decided to go the sensible route and stick with Kev's Christmassy Reviews. Enjoy!

First up are these vegetarian friendly Marks and Spencer Minty Chocolate Snowballs, part of the larger M&S Christmas range currently in stores which includes snacks like Bucks Fizz Crisps, Chocolate Coated Tortillas and more. These cost £3 and are described simply as "Milk chocolate balls with mint flavour dark chocolate dusted in icing sugar".

marks spencer minty chocolate snowballs

They come in a lovely net bag (which is made in China), that will come in handy for re-using to put other sweets in over the festive season. I tipped them out into my Christmas star dish.

marks spencer minty chocolate snowballs

I wasn't sure what to expect from these judging by the description; they sounded just like balls of chocolate rolled in icing sugar.

marks spencer minty chocolate snowballs

What they didn't say was that they also have a crunchy shell! Why they didn't advertise this is beyond me, because they were pretty darn good! They're a bit like Cadbury Snow Bites but if they were larger, and with good quality mint flavoured chocolate. They were highly addictive, I couldn't stop munching on them! Unlike Cadbury Snow Bites they're not sickly sweet, the dark chocolate balances out any sweetness, with the mint complimenting it beautifully.

Overall, these are some seriously tasty snacks from M&S, and I don't think their plain packaging really does them justice. They should be available all year round! If minty chocolates are your thing you really can't go wrong with some of these over Christmas, they're a bit more refined than the likes of After Eights and Matchmakers (although perhaps not as friendly on granny's teeth!) Invest in a pack!

8.5 out of 10. 

Well, that's the festive month off to a roaring start...stay tuned all December for more of Kev's Christmassy Reviews! And if you try any of these treats do let me know your thoughts in the comments :)


  1. Yay! I do love my festive fix from Butty! :D These sound fab! I also like the net bag.. Maybe my christmas present will come in it? ;) xx

    1. Haha your pressie is too big...altough I'm sure I can find something else to put in! xx

    2. Ooer.. Make it shiny please! ;D xx


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