Free From Mince Pies: Tesco vs Asda

For Christmas Eve we're back with the battle of the Gluten Free Mince Pies and this time it's Tesco vs Asda. Both of these are Dairy Free and Gluten Free so they make a good point of comparison. Neither are egg free unfortunately, so these aren't suitable for vegans, but they are suitable for vegetarians.

Starting off with the Tesco Free From Deep Filled mince pies, these cost £2 and had a decent thick pastry lid. The pastry is light and crumbly, and very tasty considering it's dairy free.

The filling was plentiful, and neither too weak in flavour nor too heavy, it was just about right. They're perfect with a cuppa. Definitely one of the better mince pies around at this time of year! 8 out of 10.

Asda Free From Mince Pies: 

These Asda Free From Christmas Mince Pies are considerably cheaper per box at £1.50, and this year they're boasting an "improved recipe" to boot.

The packaging seems a little plain and uninspiring compared to the Tesco ones, but this is rather misleading because these are actually the tastier mince pies of the two, in my opinion!

The pastry is perfectly light and crumbly, and melt in the mouth. The filling is neither too heavy nor too sweet, it's light and with the right amount of spice. These are delightful gluten free mince pies, perfect to enjoy with a cuppa this Christmas! 8.5 out of 10. 

Overall, it's a close one between the two leading supermarkets but Asda just about pip Tesco to the my opinion they're the nicest Gluten Free mince pies around, and as a bonus they're the cheapest too! If you're avoiding gluten or dairy you can't go wrong with either of these this Christmas; be sure to look out for the price reductions after the big day is over.

Happy Christmas everyone! Hope you all have a fab day! 


  1. Make sure you leave one out for Santa!! xx

    1. Yes Santa doesn't want to end up bloated this year! Especially after all the alcohol he drinks at yours! Xx

    2. Santa's got an alcohol problem.. xx


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