Butterkist Gingerbread Flavour Popcorn

Butterkist Gingerbread Flavour Popcorn

What would Christmas be without a festive themed popcorn? There's classic flavours like Orange and Mint Chocolate from Joe & Seph's, as well as the more out there Mince Pie variety, but one that's a bit more easier to find is this Butterkist Gingerbread flavour, available from WH Smith for £1.

It's suitable for vegetarians and gluten free, and described as "Popcorn coated with a cinnamon and ginger flavour toffee".

Butterkist Gingerbread Flavour Popcorn

I poured it out into my festive star dish, and it certainly had a nice strong ginger aroma.

Butterkist Gingerbread Flavour Popcorn

The taste was very inconsistent; some of the popcorn pieces were just sweet and others had a stronger ginger and cinnamon flavour, the ginger was quite powerful, too much for me in fact. Usually I would complain that it isn't strong enough but in this case it wasn't pleasant. The inconsistency also means you don't know whether you're going to get a sweet popcorn or super spicy piece.

Overall, as nice as it is to have a seasonal popcorn flavour I do think something other than plain ginger would've been a better choice, say chai latte or even gingerbread latte. Luckily, Aldi have brought out their own Gingerbread Latte seasonal popcorn which I hope to try soon!

7 out of 10.


  1. that star bowl is everything đŸ™ŒđŸ» Xxx

    1. Why thank you! It was personally chosen by THE Hand haha xxx

  2. THE HAND. Shame it couldn't fix the gammy popcorn :( Xx


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